And we are gurus. Not ponytail-coiffed mystics versed in all things tantric, (although we could find someone like that if you do need them) but gurus in the defined sense of the word:


Imparters of knowledge and wisdom, and bringers of light to dark. And in today's communications world, there is a fair bit of dark to navigate.

That's why, led by Tony McNeight – an award winning creative with over 25 years industry experience, we bring together the right team to sit down with you, find out what's keeping you awake at night.

Then go about creating whatever it is you need to sell your stuff, change the way people think about you, positively affect your bottom line and give you a great night's sleep.

(If you're a marketing buzzword kind of person, this means in-sourcing a dedicated, multi-faceted team to create poly-channel concepts and campaign ideas across both traditional and digital media platforms).

Take a look at some of the campaigns we've done. You'll see a range of work that truly combines our depth of knowledge and our fresh enthusiasm.

A world of creative in the palm of your hand, which probably is a phone, mouse or tablet – all of which, incidentally, can be used to contact Tony McNeight on 021 925 031 right now.

To locate the Guru: